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     New Ventures  For 2020

    Shore based Activities at Narvik

Jane R  is winter based at Narvik for day charter

     Wreck diving on 20 local wrecks

     Under water visibility is exceptional in winter.

     After or between 2 dives  you can try

     Killer whale watching

     Ski & dive

     Fishing trips

     Bunker Tours

     War Museum

     Natural history Museum

     Winter festival 

     Rombakk Cruise

9 previously resticted wrecks have recently been authorised for diving pending control rules 12 bed apartment at the harbour        is available. Winter activities of any kind are  easy from the comfort of this base, popular with none divers friends and family. Winter weather in North Norway is quite settled by uk standards, coastal  temperatures -1 to -5 are comfortable because of the low humidity and often no wind.  Bright clear sky and dramatic reflections from mountains, snow, and water can make fantastic scenery. Check out links page.

     Luxury apartment with 12 beds

     400 4 days each person


     2 dives per day

     other boat activities

     cylinders and weights

     self or full cater

     Self cater   400

     Full cater   600



     ski hire, nitrox, not included.


     Dates and pick up times 

     arranged to suit flights

     contact skipper






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